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Beer fumes lead to Building a Badge Bunny

A lot can happens when authors get together at a brewery. In December, yes, I’ve been sitting on this story for months – when several Lethal Ladies got together for a book signing in a local brewery, we expected to maybe sell some books – not get ideas. Ideas are everywhere, and I was lucky enough to allow my muse off of her chain to have a whole lot of fun!

Seated together, Fiona Quinn, Heather Weidner, Maggie King, and me – we were all shoved together at one small table. The alcohol buzz got to me for sure. Ideas started to pour forth. I don’t remember how it started, but wait, yes I do. I was telling a story about going to a Citizen’s Police Academy. Many writers do! At the class, it was time to offer introductions, and I stood up and proudly proclaimed myself as a badge bunny (one who sleeps with cops, and I had no idea what that word meant for sure). Anyway, the lethal ladies present at the brewery began to laugh while I snorted in deep chuckles. I’ve done some really crazy things over the years, but proclaiming my sexual preferences, well that was a new one even for me. (Even now, I am shaking my head at my own embarrassment).

Fiona and I agreed, as the brewery’s fumes from the freshly made beer wafted around the warehouse, that this was book worthy. There needed to be a Badge Bunny. But it wasn’t only the idea that we had to work on. This would require Fiona and me to take a big step away from our normal writing styles, but with such a fun idea, who could resist? It would be about fun, and more fun. Even more, it would be about creating a story that makes you laugh your behind off!

Many writers might have been intimidated about writing a new series, and co-writing it, as well. I have to say, that with these characters and stories, there was nothing to worry about. It’s been an amazing experience for sure. It didn’t take long before the idea of a Badge Bunny turned into a concrete idea, then a plot, and Fiona Quinn and I had the beginning for a series about a strong woman, who embraces her sexuality, and has a knack for solving mysteries. We’ve worked in humor, sex off of the page, and a serious mystery.

In our society, sexuality is not always embraced. I don’t know about Fiona, but for me, part of the series what about asking ‘what if’. What if a strong woman used her skills and didn’t allow the perception of sexuality to hinder her skills? That being said, we created a new adult mystery that makes me laugh out loud! Maybe in another life, sexuality will not be looked upon as if it were indeed a Scarlet letter. Until it does, I guess I’ll just have to continue enjoying creating this magnificent badge bunny, who enjoys her cops!

The series starts later this summer, and I can't wait to share it with you!

TINA GLASNECK is a writer, blogger, book lover and caffeine addict. Her interests are diverse, as is her writing. Combining her passions, she enjoys creating stories that span across the genres, including crime fiction, mystery, and thrillers, and PNR and fantasy romance.

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