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Those Mysterious Writers: A Reading List

Hazel Rose, the amateur sleuth in my Hazel Rose Book Group series, is a romance writer. She joins an impressive list of fictional writer sleuths. Here are just a few:

Jo Bannister Dr. Clio Rees is a physician and mystery writer

Ray Bradbury’s unnamed writer and amateur sleuth operates in Los Angeles, California

Agatha Christie Ariadne Oliver is a mystery writer, friend of Hercule Poirot, and fan of apples. Here’s a list of the Christie novels where she appears.

Natasha Cooper Willow King is a romance writer in London, England

Robert Harris The Ghost Writer

Susan Kandel Southern California-based Cece Caruso is a biographer of dead mystery writers and fan of vintage fashions

Susan Kelly Liz Connors is a former English professor and freelance crime writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Rochelle Krich Molly Blume: true-crime writer in Los Angeles, California

Mary Jane Maffini’s sleuth, Fiona Silk, is a talent-challenged romance writer living in St. Aubaine, Quebec, Canada

Sharyn McCrumb Jay Omega is a college professor and science-fiction author

Tony Perona Nick Bertetto: freelance writer and stay-at-home dad, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Audrey Peterson Jane Winfield is a journalist and music writer, in London, England

Betty Rowlands Melissa Craig, crime novelist in the Cotswolds, England

Alice Tilton Leonidas Witherall: retired academic and secret pulp fiction author, in Boston, Massachusetts

See Stop! You're Killing Me for many more mysteries with writer sleuths.

For films about writers and writing (not just mysteries), see Lethal Lady Heather Weidner’s list.



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