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Top 10 Ways to Support your Favorite Author

You loved the book. You're excited about the author. What can you do to connect with her? To show your enthusiasm? To encourage her to write another? Here are the Top Ten ways you can show your support.

10. Go to her website to find her email address and send a note telling her what you liked about the book and what it meant to you. Make suggestions for future stories.

9. Sign up for her newsletter—most serious authors send out short newsletters every quarter or every month. This lets you keep up with giveaways and upcoming books; you’ll learn when the author comes to visit your town to sign books or speak at a public event.

8. Go to her author Facebook page and leave a comment. “Like” the page.

7. Suggest the book to your book club. Invite the author to visit and participate in the discussion. Does she live too far away? No problem—invite her to Skype.

6. If you use Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media, mention the book to your followers.

5. If you have a library card, request that your local library get a copy so others can read it.

4. Invite the author to speak at your women’s club meeting, church group, retirement home, Rotary Club, Friends of the Library meeting, or other organization. Clubs and groups are always looking for speakers, and most authors will oblige without charging a fee.

3. Write a book review and post it on and and your own blog or Facebook page. This doesn’t need to be anything that would earn an A from your high school English teacher—a few sentences about why you liked the book can help others decide to give it a try.

2. Recommend the book to friends, especially those who share your tastes or enjoy that particular genre.

And the NUMBER ONE best way to support your favorite writer?

1. Buy a book. Even better: buy another copy to give a friend.

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