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Join a Writing Group!

I’ve always been a big believer in writers joining writer's groups. I know, it's a basic idea, but I promise it can be very powerful.

There’s a lot to be said for hanging around folks who do what you do. Let’s face it, non-writers do not always understand the demands of a writer’s life. Writers (published and pre-published) “get” a writer’s struggles. They can support your dreams and be a great source of inspiration and knowledge. A local chapter meeting or a national conference can be the chance to discuss your story, hone the craft of writing, or hear updates on the publishing industry.

I can trace back many of my career successes to a writing group. I met my critique partners at a local chapter meeting. I connected with my agent through a writer's conference. I picked up savvy tips that helped me manage my business from another writer's presentation. And I’ve made tremendous friends who I reconnect with at conferences or local chapter meetings.

If you are working on your latest project and feeling like you need a boost, check out a writer's group and meet with some like-minded people. I've listed a few of the national organizations that I’ve joined, but there are also many other online, regional and local groups. A quick online search is sure to find the right group for you.

Sisters in Crime (

Romance Writers of America (

Mystery Writers of America (

International Thriller Writers (

Novelists, Inc. (

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