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K. L. Murphy

  • Writing & Suspense

  • Writing & Editing

  • Book Promotion & Social Media

  • Publishing Paths

  • Genre Writing

  • Writing Short Stories

  • Leveraging Your Writing

  • K.L.'s Website


Mary Miley

  • U.S. History Myths: Truth or Tricks?

  • Weird But True Things No One Knows about the Roaring Twenties

  • Prohibition

  • Silent Movies

  • Women's History Topics

  • American History Topics

  • The Origins of American's Christmas Traditions

  • Mechanics of Good Writing

  • Mary's Website

Heather sq.png

Heather Weidner

  • Writing

  • Writing Basics/Writing 101

  • Social Media

  • Book Marketing/Promotion

  • Promotional Event Planning

  • The Mystery Genre

  • The History of the Mystery

  • Blogging

  • The Many Hats of an Author

  • Heather's Website

C. A. Rowland

  • Writing

  • Mysteries

  • Writing Short Stories

  • Getting into Anthologies

  • Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

  • Using Setting as a Character

  • Researching History

  • Using Details in Stories

  • C.A.'s Website

Kristin Kisska

Kristin Kisska, credit Lindsey Pantele Photography(short).jpg
    • Edgar Allan Poe - UVA Student

    • Writing Short Stories

    • Mysteries vs. Thrillers vs. Suspense

    • Adding Tension to Stories

    • Pacing & The Three Act Structure

    • How to Query Your Novel

    • Rainbow Editing Your Fiction

    • Tonal Shift in Psychological Suspense

    • Kristin's Website

Frances Aylor

  • Overcoming Writer's Block

  • Marketing Your Novel

  • Building an Email List

  • Must-have Elements of Mystery

  • 5 Steps to Investment Success

  • Money Management Made Simple

  • Reinventing Yourself at Retirement

  • Frances's Website

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